Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks in Western Australia is close to the town of Yallingup. This small coastal town is one of Western Australia’s most popular surfing beaches.

Visiting Canal Rocks is easy as it is only a few kilometers from Yallingup on Caves Road. The road is sealed and the car park in large and is located just a few meters from the the rocks

Canal Rocks is an amazing rock formation on the headland. It has a large channel that can be difficult to see unless you find the right view point. You can get close to the channel from a wooden boardwalk that is also a great place for photos. This boardwalk starts also right at the large car park so it is only a very short walk to see the channel. You can cross the walkway and climb onto the rocks on the other side, a good spot for fishing.

Canal Rocks in Western Australia

When there is a storm, this area can be treacherous and you must stay off the rocks for your own safety. There have been fatalities here so please exercise caution. When the weather is calmer, then it is safe to climb on the rocks as long as you are careful.

I like to visit when there is a large swell as the waves crashing onto the rocks can be quite spectacular. There are several car parks on top of the hill as you approach this site. You can get some really good views and photos from these parks as you are quite high and looking down on the rocks.

There are toilet amenities at this important tourist attraction as well as a public boat ramp. There is no shade here so be sure to bring a hat and sun screen.

Another rocky site that I love to photograph is Elephant Rocks near Walpole in the South West

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