Cape Le Grande Drone Photography. This part of the Western Australian coast is a photographers paradise. With the whitest beach sand you will find anywhere in the world. The sand is so fine that it actually squeaks as you walk on it.

Lucky Bay is often said to be the best beach in Australia. But my opinion (for what that may be worth!!) is that Hellfire Bay is the best. This beach may have a fairly unfortunate name but it is a simply magnificent place to visit. It does not have a lot of amenities here and camping is not permitted. you cannot drive onto the beach here but it is only a very short walk from the car park to the waters edge.

The colours in the water are amazing and to see the waves coming in around the bay is a very special sight to see.

Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grande

The amenities at Lucky Bay are very good with a caravan park right at the beach and kangaroos can often be seen on the beautiful white sand. I think that may be part of the reason for it’s popularity.

Cape Le Grande is a very popular holiday spot on our west coast. It is not always possible to book a caravan park space during the main holiday seasons.

If you are into drone photography then you will need special permission to fly a drone in this national parks the same as in any of the parks in Western Australia. Then of course you must comply with the regulations of flying a drone but that is not difficult.

The kangaroos that come down onto the beach are very tame and you can approach them. Just remember that they are still wild animals and will defend themselves if they feel threatened. So if you want that special photo or selfie then do so with caution.

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