Castle Rock Drone Photography

Castle Rock is at the end of Castle Rock Bay and it is quite an imposing site. The rock itself may not be as spectacular as some of the rocks but the beaches are absolutely magnificent. The waters here are mainly calm in Geographe Bay due to Cape Naturaliste sheltering these waters from the Indian ocean. On a calm day the waters are a beautiful turquoise colour and very clear.

The beach here is a favourite destination for families during the hotter months because of the calm waters. Fishermen are also very common here and especially when the salmon a passing by, this is when the beach can be a bit crowded.

The result walking trail that leads from Dunsborough and goes all the way to Eagle Bay passing right beside Castle rock. This walking trail is truly magnificent during the spring when all the wildflowers and native bushes are in full bloom. The walking trail is very easy to negotiate and keeps close to the coast for its entire length. It passes other beautiful places such as Meelup Beach and Gannet Rock.

There are a few public amenities here at this beach which include toilets and barbecues as well as tables and seats.

If you are taking this walk during the spring and there are a few things that you need to be aware of. Firstly snakes do live in this area so be a little cautious when you are walking. Another thing to watch out for our native birds in the area and especially the beautiful little blue wrens.

Castle Rock Drone Photography

If you own a drone then this really is an ideal place to get some beautiful shots. When you can photograph from a height you get a very different perspective. When the waters are clear and calm is the best time for aerial photography in the Bay.


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