Castle Rock in Geographe Bay

There are two rocks in Western Australia called Castle Rock. The one I am showing here on this particular page is of the rock that is in Geographe Bay. This Bay is approximately 220 km south-west of Perth and is a very wide curve of coastline. It extends from Cape Naturaliste and goes past the towns of Dunsborough and Busselton and ends close to the city of Bunbury.

Recreational boaters enjoy this place because the Bay is protected from the rough seas of the Indian ocean by Cape Naturaliste. Excellent swimming areas that are safe for families are also found in the Bay. This entire Bay area is very shallow which does not allow for the large ships to enter. This problem was solved many years ago in Busselton when the Busselton jetty was built. This is the longest wood piled jetty in the southern hemisphere.

Castle rock in Geographe Bay

Castle Rock is just a very short drive from Dunsborough. Or you can walk along the Meelup walk trail that leads all the way from Dunsborough to Eagle Bay. There are quite a few secluded and beautiful beaches to be seen along this walk that is approximately 7 1/2 km long. The trail is well marked and makes a very easy walking.

Just a couple of kilometres short of Dunsborough, you will come across Castle Rock Bay. This is a magnificent Bay of beautiful white sand with granite outcrops, the largest outcrop the protrudes out into the ocean is the one that is known as Castle Rock. Sugarloaf Rock which is another large granite rock formation is just a very short drive away.

Meelup Walk Trail past Castle Rock

There are lots of beautiful sites to be seen along this walk trail. You will go past one of the best and safest beaches in the entire Bay called Meelup beach. This beach is extremely safe for families, is has a large car park and the amenities there include barbecues, toilets and seats. The beautiful white sands along with the calm waters make this one of the most popular beaches in the south-west.

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