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Conto Beach in Western Australia is a great place for photographers as the coastal scenes are rugged and spectacular.

To get to this beach is easy, just drive down Caves Road from Yallingup towards Boranup Forest. Just short of the forest is a sealed road that is not particularly well signposted leading off to the right. Once on this road is it just a short drive of a kilometer or two on unsealed roads. This road is in very good condition and can be accessed by any vehicle to take you to the beach.

As you drive onto Conto road you will soon pass a caravan park that has very good facilities. So if you are planning to stay in this area for a time, it would be a very good idea to make use of this Park.

There are several roads that lead to different sections of the beach and they are all equally spectacular. Care should be taken as you clamber over the rocks as they can get a bit slippery.

All of the different sections of the beach in this area are also excellent sites if you are a drone operator. The rugged coastline has many granite boulders the protrude out into the ocean. The hills that surround these beaches also have some interesting features that makes them quite photogenic. As yet I have not had an opportunity to get my drone up in this area, but no doubt that will happen very soon.

When we were there we stayed for almost 4 hours just clicking away with the camera.

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