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Elephant Rocks in William Bay is close to Denmark and Walpole in Western Australia.

The road is sealed making it easy to get there where the two parking areas provide plenty of parking. There are toilet facilities at the Greens Pool parking area. There are no BBQ s or shade at either site so be sure to bring a hat and plenty of sun screen.

This sheltered beach is just a few hundred meters east of Greens Pool. It is located about 15 km west from Denmark, in William Bay National Park. The rock formations resemble a herd of elephants from several different locations around the rocks.

A set of stairs leads from the top of the rocks down to the beach where you can get a really good view of the rock formations.

The waters of the Southern Ocean can be quite cold. Therefore if you intend swimming then a wet suit is recommended. Greens pool is the main swimming beach here and is very popular especially in our hot summer months.

Care should always be taken as the rocks can be slippery after rain or when there is a large swell.

This is a very popular place for photographers as the colours of the water and rocks make a great photo.

Fishing from the rocks around Elephant Rocks is not recommended especially when there is a large swell. Being washed off the rocks can be a real threat, and would put you in a very dangerous situation.


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