Gannet Rock is situated in Geographe Bay just a short distance from the very popular Meelup Beach. This is one of the best spots for a bit of fishing when the salmon are passing.

The shoreline here is very rocky and so really not a very good swimming beach.  But the rock itself is often used as a diving platform. From this rock you can dive into the clear blue waters of Geographe Bay. Gannet Rock which is situated at the northern end of Meelup Bay near Dunsborough.

Cape Naturaliste protects this part of Geographe bay from the Indian Ocean making the waters here quite calm.

This rock is on the walk that goes from Dunsborough to Eagle Bay and is an easy walk from either place. The Meelup – Eagle Bay road goes right pass so it is easy to drive to this very beautiful part of the South West. Gannet Rock is in the Meelup regional Park. There are a variety of walking trail here that offer beautiful glimpses of the coastline.

Gannet Rock is also close to many other attractions in the South West. Places like Castle Rock, Meelup Beach, Sugarloaf Rock, Cape Naturaliste lighthouse, Yallingup and some limestone caves are all nearby.

The car park here is sealed making it very easy to call in for a look. The shoreline is quite rugged making it a good place for some photographs. This entire area is visited by many locals as well as tourists all year around. Although during the summer months it can get quite crowded.

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