Injidup Surf Beach on the West Coast of Western Australia is a popular swimming and surfing beach.

Injidup Beach is about a 15 minute drive from Yallingup and a little less from Smiths Beach. These are excellent places to find accommodation if you need a place to stay overnight.

The car park here is reasonably sized but on a busy day it can be difficult to find a parking space. Several times I have been there and had to park along the road, but it is worth the effort. Wyadup Rocks and Beach is about 2 kilometers North and well worth visiting.

The natural Injidup spa is actually at Wyadup Rocks about 2 km north of Injidup Beach. The rock surrounding the spa shelters it from the waves of the Indian Ocean. If you sit in the little wedge with waves crashing through you can enjoy a natural massage.

The Injidup surf beach may not be the most popular surfing beach in this area, but on a good day you can catch some good waves. Yallingup and Smiths Beach are better known surfing beaches.

If you are wanting to stay close to Injidup beach, then the Injidup Beach Spa Retreat would be an ideal choice. Especially if you want to be a little bit spoiled and pampered.


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