Sugarloaf Rock Drone Photography

Sugarloaf rock is a large natural granite island only a few metres off the coast in the Indian ocean. Cape Naturaliste is approximately 2 km away in a straight line but a little further driving on the roads.

This granite outcrop is separated from the mainland by a very narrow channel that can be extremely rough during stormy conditions. Sugarloaf Rock has been designated as a nature reserve for seabirds that nest in the area. Photographers loved this area and this would be one of the most photographed attractions in the south-west.

The road that leads into this tourist attraction is sealed road but is quite narrow. There are several car parks at the end of the road so finding somewhere to park the car will not be a problem. The famous Cape to Cape walking trail goes right past the car park. The only public amenities here are toilets.

Sugarloaf Rock Drone Photography

If you are a photographer in this is one place you really need to come to if you are in the area. The most spectacular shots that you will get are either during very wild weather, or just as the sun is setting with a few clouds in the sky to pick up the colour.

Since Sugarloaf rock is right in the ocean it can be very windy. This can make it a little bit difficult to find a good time to send up the drone. But when the conditions are right you can get a really spectacular shots.

Other attractions in the area are Castle Rock, Meelup Beach, Gannet Rock and Shelley Cove. These are all within 6 to 7 kilometers from Sugarloaf Rock.

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