Sugarloaf Rock in Western Australia is a favourite subject for photographers who visit this part of Western Australia.

Sugarloaf Rock on the West Coast


The actual rock is a large, natural granite island about 2 km South of Cape Naturaliste in the south-west region of Western Australia.

A very narrow channel separates the Rock from the mainland. The Indian ocean here can be very rough and treacherous and great care should be taken when visiting the area.

There is an excellent viewing platform where one of the best views of Sugarloaf Rock can be seen. There are information boards at the lookout that give you detailed information about the flora, fauna, landscape as well as some history from the region.

Many photographers like to go down below this lookout to get a closer view.

This rock would be one of the most photographed attractions in the south-west and has featured on the cover of Australian Geographic Magazine.

Sugarloaf Rock has been designated as a nature reserve and is a nesting site for seabirds.

The famous walking trail known as the Cape to Cape track passes right by the outlook.

The car park at the rock is quite large and there are also toilet facilities there.

Sugarloaf Rock is on the main road between Dunsborough and Cape naturalist and is close to other attractions. Castle Rock, Meelup Beach, Point Marchant, Bunker Bay and Eagle Bay are all just a very short drive away.





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