Wyadup Rocks and Beach is a 15 minute drive from Yallingup and 10 from Smiths Beach. Injidup Beach adjoins the rocks to the south. To get here just drive down caves Road from Yallingup until you come to Wyadup Road. Turn here and go for about 3 kilometers and you are there. Just before you get to the end of the road there is another road going south that leads to Injidup beach.

If you want to spoil yourself while you are here then, try the Injidup Spa Resort Retreat

This place is well worth a visit if you are in the area. This is one place where you can get some amazing photos especially in stormy weather. There are some rock pools here that are a great place to put on the bathers and relax in the crystal clear waters.

Whales pass by this rocky outcrop but are mostly a little too far out to see for a good view. The car park is usually very busy during the summer months and mostly during the school holidays. Wyadup beach is just North of the Rocks but is not known as a swimming beach. I have seen some amazing photos of Dolphins surfing these waves and hope to get lucky there myself one day.



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